There’s a New Car, Boat & Aircraft Care Product That Has Come to Our Cities, Shores, and Airports!

Most of us, when we hear of boat care products automatically think of Carnauba Wax, or Soft Wax Paste. We think that if we don’t work the wax in for a nice shine on the paint, or gel coat, then were doing nothing but frittering our time away. If you tell the majority of Show Car,  Boat, and Aircraft Owners, all they need to do to get an Ultimate Deep Shine on their Craft’s superior painted surface is to Spray On the product, Wipe Dry, and You’re Done!

M-Factor is a Non-destructive Anti-Corrosive product, and works dramatically on steel, but gives more results on Chrome, presenting the surface with an increased Mirror-Like Shine. M-Factor is designed to work on various types of vehicles. M-Factor on a Boat’s Hull, cuts down oxidation and slows down Electrolysis from speeding across Sea Water. On Airplanes, Helicopters, Gliders and Drones, It improves Aero-Bonding on smoother surfaces, cutting down turbulence, and causing air to move closer to the Airfoil surface. One application of M-Factor on these surfaces will last for months, and will give pristine results on Canopies. Once a person tries this product out, they will learn this is The Real Deal. There are over 100 uses for M-Factor, and I’m sure you can find more!

Many of the companies producing Car, Boat, and Aircraft Wax made fine products in its day from the year 1900 on up. The Majority of people in this world don’t realize that Wax is made out of the same elements as Oil, Kerosene, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Ethyl Alcohols, Octane Additives, and the list goes on. All of these products are made from 3 elements like, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen, however each product has a different ratio of these combined elements, and the molecules patterns are arranged differently. Even Bees Wax is made out of the same mix of molecules like Wax that comes from Crude Oil. If Cap and Trade Laws are introduced, these Car Waxes will be heavily taxed and the price increase will be passed on to the consumer.  When you apply Car Wax on your painted surface, you might like to know the Wax is made up of approximately 85% Fatty Acid, and 15% Alcohol, and starts deteriorating at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Car Wax is a fine product, but it has its limitations, when it comes to the new Car Care Product, M-Factor! Many Car Waxes will leave residue of old dried Wax, M-Factor leaves no residue.

After M-Factor has been applied little or no Carbon or Alcohol will remain. Instead of M-Factor being like a Wax or Paste, it’s more of a Water-Like product that is Environmentally Safe and would not be subject to the Cap and Trade Taxes. However the plastic bottle the M-Factor comes in would be subject to Cap and Trade. When you Spray On M-Factor on your Car, Boat, or Aircraft’s surfaces, it will block Oxygen, Ozone and Ultra-Violet Rays, and will slow down Oxidation to Paint, Chrome, Glass, Plastics, and Vinyl. M-Factor withstands Extreme Temperatures, both Hot, and Cold. To cut this short, try M-Factor by Spraying it on, and Wiping it off, because you will most likely become a true M-Factor Believer when you see that Sky Deep Shine in your Paint, Chrome and Glass. No Brag, Just Fact. Buy M-Factor, and take the M-Factor Challenge!

Main instructions to M-Factor your vehicle.

If vehicle is well cared for, rinse vehicle with water, filtered if possible.

If vehicle is really dirty, with mud, heavy grit, and oily surface, then use soap with water.

Now Spray on M-Factor, and then dry with Micro-Fiber cloth, and You’re Done! Any other cloth is fine.

For best results, stay out of direct sun; never use garden hose water, and always M-Factor vehicle from the top down for best results. A perfect product for countries or areas on water rationing or restriction!