For Restaurants, Other Businesses, & For Your Home!

M-Factor isn’t just made for Cars, Boats and Aircraft. In the Restaurants it will clean your tables easier, causing the surface to shine better. It will work on your Lamps, Mirrors, Glass and Metal Counter Tops. It will clean your Windows, Chrome, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.

It will clean Vinyl, like the vinyl seats in restaurants. It will not remove stains on vinyl, as once you stain or damage the surface, it’s permanent since many vinyl cleaners have harsh chemicals like solvents that will react like bleach or worse and destroy the color of the vinyl.

When you use M-Factor, you will find there are no harsh chemicals or abrasives to damage vinyl surfaces. It will only clean them and leave a clean dry feel to the surface. If there’s oil or grease on the vinyl, M-Factor will remove it with no problem and leave no streaks.

M-Factor cleans windows without leaving streaks. M-Factor on the windows will last for months without re-spraying. When you need to clean the windows again, you simply use a wet cloth, a clean dry cloth and the windows will keep shining without streaks. You will never need any ammonia window cleaner or soap again when you use M-Factor!

M-Factor is superior in cleaning and shining Chrome. It will never be made with harsh chemicals that could damage the Chrome’s surface, or be harmful to the user. No matter how nice of a shine your Chrome has, it will make it better, and will leave a dry, clean, and smooth surface. It’s a Non Destructive Anti-corrosive giving no surface damage to any metals. M-Factor is food safe so you can clean counter surfaces made of laminates, tiles, or metal surfaces. I repeat M-Factor has no abrasives.

Your restaurant signs are expensive and a large investment that has to last at least 20 years if not much longer and still look good. This is your calling card for your customers, and they look at that sign as a guarantee of good service, and good food. If your sign looks old and worn by neglect, then the customers may feel the same way about you and your quality of food and service! M-Factor will keep your restaurant’s sign clean and shiny years longer, with less maintenance than your other cleaners that are available.

M-Factor will clean, protect, and seal plastic, Glass, and metal signs. It blocks out Ultra-Violet Rays, Ozone, and Oxygen so your signs don’t dull and oxidize as fast. By M-Factor’s formulated ingredients your signs will look beautiful, and shine years longer.

Our product was designed to give a Sky Deep Shine on Show Car surfaces. Many of your restaurants signs are larger than a car. It stands to reason to use a product that shines a car’s surface will shine your business signs as well. M-Factor is made for all business signs that are made out of Glass, Plastic, Resins, Plexiglas, Composites, Chrome and the list goes on.

Give yourself a treat and spray it on your car’s paint or windows and see and feel for yourself. Spray On, Wipe Dry, and You’re Done!

Any other business needs M-factor as well on their business signs. A shoddy looking or neglected sign shows itself to a large percentage of Clients and or Customers that you will offer shoddy service as well. M-Factor on your sign will give it the ultimate in showing your high business standards and your company’s pride to your clients or customers. M-Factor works great on your Windows, Furniture, Computer Monitors, Television Screens, Appliances, Reading glasses, Sinks, Lavatories, Camera Lens, and the list keeps growing!

In your Home M-Factor is a blessing. Apply it on anything made of Glass, Plastics, Vinyl, Metal, Porcelain, Marble, Finished Wood, all Painted surfaces, like your Walls, Everything in your Bathroom, all your Tools and Power Tools and this list keeps going and going like the Duracell Bunny! M-Factor is Ideal for Counter tops of all surfaces, as it’s Food Safe!

When it comes to Green Products, M-Factor can’t be beat. But M-Factor is not a Green Product that is controlled by Political agendas. This’s an American product that was planned out for the common good of a customer safe and environmentally friendly application. There’re no harsh chemicals in M-Factor that will harm the environment or user.

Should anyone have an allergy or skin sensitivity to products containing silicone, then for one’s safety put gloves on hands for protection.