M-Factor Applications for Drones.

We are in the age in diversity of unmanned aircraft, giving the premises in taking out an enemy target without the loss of life of the pilot. Drone aircraft have taken out the risk of pilot losses in the equation of reaching its determined target, no matter the resistance that comes from the enemy to eliminate or destroy such aircraft. Usually there are no real problems with these configurations of airpower following the applications they’re designed for. Many of the Drones operation is by Remote Control or operating its mission by programming instructions onboard to its destination with built in computers. This makes it most difficult for any opposing force, because the only way to stop the Drone, or deviate it from its course is to disable it, or destroy it. Usually nothing will go wrong with the Drone unless something mechanically goes wrong inside the aircraft. This requires a great deal of maintenance, using up many more man hours than it should to make it more cost effective. Dust, Grit, Grime, and Oxidation is the primary reasons of high maintenance and possible eventuated failure. M-Factor can be applied to all surfaces on all drones that you see on the photos above. When applied on the Airfoil surfaces, the product has a strong Aero Bonding causing the air to move nearer the surfaces, thereby decreasing turbulence, increasing stability, and lift. M-Factor can be applied to optics made of Crystal, Glass, or Plastics, causing the light rays to move through the lens in straighter lines, giving higher accuracy with any device using optics for tracking a moving or stationary target. M-Factor can be applied to parts that need to move or rotate with less drag or friction. Since this product isn’t a direct oil or grease, it leaves no stains, smears, wet, or sticking surface. M-Factor always leaves a clean, slick, dry feel to the touch.

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The primary functions of M-Factor, is to clean, and protect surfaces from corrosion and oxidation. Painted surfaces will last years longer, with minimal oxidation, and will require less upkeep, and maintenance. These statements are not Blue Sky claims, but real solid facts, accomplishments, and results that have taken place with every vehicle and craft that has had the multi purpose M-Factor liquid sprayed or wiped on. You will notice that Dust, Dirt, Grit, and Grime will have a weaker electron bond to surfaces when you have treated most any surface with M-Factor! When the Drone is in flight, most of the dust will come off, and show a cleaner surface. M-Factor will not make a dull surface shine, but a reflecting surface will reflect with more depth and mirror like shine. M-Factor will not make neglected or oxidized paint shine better, but it will feel smoother, and the oxidation rate will decrease dramatically. One application of M-Factor should last several months, depending on the severity of exposure The main advantage in using M-Factor, is in how much in liquid volume is needed to M-Factor an entire Drone, as shown above. One 32 oz. Spray bottle of M-Factor should be plenty enough to completely clean and protect most all of the Drone’s surfaces. When wax is applied to a surface, the thickness of that coating will be measured in hundredths or thousandths of an inch. When the wax gets thin in areas, it causes a patching effect as it wears off the surface unevenly. M-Factor is applied on the surface in the measurements of 10,000ths and 100,000ths of an inch. M-Factor will not wear off in patches because it’s a rolling surface, like magnetic beads rolling in different directions but not leaving the surface until the atoms become disassembled and transfer electrons and protons to the other atoms. M-Factor can cover a waxed surface, giving it added protection and a better shine. M-Factor is ECO friendly to Land, Water, and Air, being Biodegradable, and non-combustible until reaching temperatures approaching 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. The M-Factor! Doesn’t combust, but the Nitrogen in our Atmosphere reacting to the M-Factor! will.