The Goal of M-Factor 21st.

We live in a time and a country that’s being robbed and depleted of its Sovereign natural wealth, endowed only by God. Now our good country is being attacked by Carpet Baggers that have neither loyalty to this country nor its citizens.

Our country’s backbone is based on Risk, by becoming an experiment in a government under our Constitutional laws of a Republic. That’s how America started, as a great Republic undertaking, and from this Test gave Freedom, Commerce, and Wealth to its people.

M-Factor 21st is a small company that is performing its own Great Experiment. We are in the undertaking in being a Founded American Company in building American Businesses, and jobs, by supplying an American made product made to be sold to Americans.

All of you that join and become Distributors of M-Factor 21st, has the opportunity of having a piece of the pie in Freedom, Wealth, and Independence. The M-Factor company can’t save our country, but we can save a small part of it, not by the guise of the Inflated Value Stock Market, but buy true Free Enterprise.

Unlike Capitalism gone wild and depleting our nation’s wealth, we have a real product of worth that gives valued service, for its customers at a fair price. It’s up to all of you distributors to make your dreams and goals come true.

We can supply those tools, but it’s the distributors that must use their craftsmanship to make it real!

Mike Combs, the founder of M-Factor 21st