Military Applications of M-Factor!

Every Soldier, Firearm, Ammunition, Military Vehicle, Airplane, Helicopter, Missile, and Drone can use the application of M-Factor! It’s easy to apply and wears quiet durably through extreme conditions of weather and extreme temperatures. When cleaning firearms with M-Factor, Gun oil can be eliminated or used sparingly to prevent corrosion in or on the Military weapons of all sizes, like hand held firearms, Heavy Tanks, all around on ships, and on Aircraft of all makes and models, including your complex missile systems.

Multi-purpose M-Factor cleans, polishes, seals, and protects, surfaces like Paint, Jelcoat, Composits, Anodized, Chrome, Plexiglass, Vinyl, Glass, Plastics, Rubber, and Various Metals.

M-Factor has a built in resistance to Ultra-Violet Rays in the formula enabling a reduction in Oxidation, and a low Gradient increase Nondestructive Anticorrosion for all the surfaces that have been mentioned.

If M-Factor was available in World War 2, Korean War, or the Vietnam War, would have made cleaning these Military items easier, and a lot less in being messy, greasy, or corrosive.

M-Factor doesn’t have a strong attraction to grit and grime and cleans off quite easily. In desert conditions M-Factor is Ideal, and our soldiers would wonder how they ever got along without it in the first place. M-Factor is water resistant as it beads off the surfaces.

When it comes to Aircraft, all Waxes better step aside because none of them can catch up with M-Factor. No longer would the Plane Captain on the flight deck have to use these liquid waxes that turn powdery white before he can wipe it off the Airplane’s Canopy, and have to repeat that every other flight as the canopy gets dirty all over again.

With M-Factor, You Spray it on, Wipe it dry, and You’re Done! It will last for weeks or months, requiring light maintenance. M-Factor is indeed the Military’s Friend!